It has become possible for fans of “dirty jeans” to get their destination without having to wait years, thanks to the chain of stores, “Nordstrom” America, which announced the introduction of dirty and muddy jeans pants for 425 dollars! To complement the “symmetrical form”, the company also sells a hefty sweater at the same price. The new presentation has provoked many satirical reactions to social networking sites.
Wearing worn and muddy denim pants without having to wait years for the supermarket chain Nordstrom for $ 425.

The PBS Baracuda dirty jeans are the “resistant, symbolizing America’s cloak of dry mud, symbolizing that you are not afraid to get involved and bully yourselves,” the online advertising said.

The announcement said that these pants should be washed with cold water and dried in the open air.

It seems from the pictures posted on the site at first glance that this pants may be back to a worker in a workshop. It is also characterized by its faded colors in some places and the spread of rust stains here and there.

A dirty jacket that is consistent with the trousers is also sold at the same price.

The launch of these items for sale on the Internet has sparked reactions from Internet users.

“This morning, I sent you further evidence that the war in our country against work continues to be borrowed in all categories of polite society,” said the presenter of the Daily Channel on Discovery Channel. “To anyone who feels like buying Nordstrom muddy pants for $ 425, buy cheap jeans and pay them free in the mud.”

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